The support from everybody out there has helped get me through some of the darkest periods of my life. Each and every one of your comments are precious to me, thank you x

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  1. This can only happen with all of your help and support so please leave your comments and follow my incredible story x
    Thank you

  2. A truly amazing story of courage and sheer determination when facing a bleek future. I'm sure this will inspire many people who have given up on life. It also highlights the dangers of taking drugs and the devastating impact it can have on your life and that of your family and friends. Lets hope it will deter some children from experimenting with drugs.
    You now have your own little Angel in your life and I know this will make you even more determined to get this book published. I wish you all the luck in the world Ed x
    Nicola xx

  3. you are a very special man , and have been through so much , and your living proof that there is light at the end.. people that read your life will understand and if it helps someone then that is so worth while.
    you deserve all the luck in the world to have a happy life.. good luck ... lisa xx

  4. My friend, you have come through so much and still you smile with that little glint that is so just you..Your sense of humour is second to none ..
    You inspire me still , you are one amazing man.
    Hold on to that dream because it will happen for you .
    Always remember there is nothing you can not achieve , look at what you have done up till now.
    Angelyna has one very special papa.
    I love you my friend, so much good luck with the book.....
    Trish xxxxx

  5. I think the 1 that is at the back of this a good 1 for the book cover. Good luck with it all, looks like it is all coming together for you now. xx

  6. can i just say what an insperation you are!!!! i have just finished reading about what you have been through what a life u have had and hope that ur able to do what it is that u set out to do .i have had my aortic valve replaced august last year also a triple bypass and i almost dint make it i would love to be able to put in to words the way u have about ur life take care my friend x

  7. You are lifes sunshine & if it weren't for your positive out - look & brave courage you wouldn't be here today. you should be proud of all that you have done as well as acheived inlife as it takes strength & courage to make it through all you have been through.
    A man of many that rides the world nomatter what.
    I remember you telling me you didn't think that you were going to make it hun & I said you would, you have travelled the world still smiling & come out good & are a fantastic guy so you keep smiling cause you've much still to do yet with your little princess too. big hugs Amanda xx

  8. Hi Spyk, thank you for sharing your story with me .... Your story is very inspirational! GOD is definitely not ready to take you yet!! I hope that you have a wonderful and fulfilling life with your little "Angel" xxoo

  9. Get in touch with me. I was referred to you by Julie Holmwood. Here is my e-mail And my website URL is

    I am a literary scout for an agent in the UK. I locate US publishers for authors around the world. I am a writer myself. I've ghostwritten a book that I believe is similar to yours. You have an amazing story! I have connections with movie producers as well. I think I can help you.

    Freda Chaney

  10. Your life proves that everything we are and do is all about perspective - that is, whether we see that glass as half full or empty.

    On those rare days I find myself complaining about what didn't go right with my life or what I don't have, I think of you.

    I am instantly brought back to a place of humility and so thankful for ALL that I do have - including my health, which is first and foremost important above anything else.

    Millions of people will gain strength and foresight from your shared experiences.

  11. What an amazing story! Just when you think you're at the end of your rope, you find you have more in you to carry you through the hard times. You are a testament to the human spirit1 Love you story and the best of luck to you!

  12. Spyk, I am at a loss for words. You are such an amazing blessing in my have given me wings to fly after many desperate years of my own. I am humbled by you. I can't thank you enough for the mention in your blog! You are too kind. Everyone look out Spyk's book will be in print soon!!! We all love you Spyk Papa! Please give your dear Angel a kiss for me! Much love, Wind

  13. Your story is one of great power and strength. Every time I read it, I get more out of it. You have come through it all climbing mountain after mountain through sheer will power. Many people give up so easily in life when facing obstacles. You are a blessed spirit one that should be shared with the world. If the power in your words are heard by even one ear in need of a warning, I hope they read your story. You and your story are amazing. I'm proud to call you friend.

  14. What an unbelievable story and what a remarkable and inspiring individual. I am privaledged to have met you - in addition to all the other incredible things, you're the only person I've ever met who could sell a gym membership in 30 seconds!! I truly admire your love, determination and dedication to your family and your story is one that needs to be told! James

  15. What an amazing story ...... I'm totally lost for words...your an incredible man....

    This must be published.....

    Wishing you all the luck in the world with it..
    Love and best wishes
    Heather xxxxx

  16. Thank you Spyk - we shall be speaking soon - glad to have you as our FB friends as well - with respect, joanne & i

  17. Thank you for sharing your story it was very moving and really hope things are going better for you now.

    Take care

    Helen x

  18. Like the Green Rose, you are living, breathing a testimony to those who might otherwise have been overlooked. It takes courage to be so honest you make it an uneven path that becomes even more solid since you lead the way.

    No safe refuge, retreat.
    Or solemn whispered plight.
    Or outstretched arms entreat.
    Or blind sullen, delight.

  19. Spyx, This is a very interesting story. Like all the others have said....I think you need to get this published, if you can. It is a wonderful testimony as to what God can do for us. God allowed you to live through the pain and suffering, because he still needs you to do something with your life. One thing , I beleive, is to raise the daughter that he has given you. Keep telling people what drugs can do to their bodies. If you save one person from the hell you have gone through, it will all be worth it. Thank you so much for sharing. Best of luck to you in the future....I CARE...and so do a lot of other people...Sue Potts

  20. Dear Spyx - ~~~~~~~ Chi-megwiich niji, for the welcome and friendship...bizaani bimaadiziwin, blessings and wishing you a speedy are remarkable, Patti

  21. Your travels in life to death and back ought to let everyone know there is a God and we are all here for a reason only He knows..Live life to he fullest and for God..Awesome testimony u have...


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