Friday, 22 April 2011

"Barefoot in November" by Benjamin J. Carey

Benjamin J. Carey was working on a first novel when he was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm. The book went on hold, and the next year and a half of his life was an emotional rollercoaster.

He ended up having life saving open heart surgery and he was so impacted by the experience that he started a blog to help others going through open heart surgery called

Subsequently he published a book about the ordeal called "Barefoot in November". He has gone back to working on his original memoir to be published in 2012.

Here is what people are saying about "Barefoot in November":

"A must read for everyone, especially those who may be looking at open heart surgery......"

"I couldn't put this book down staying up half the night to finish it! I found myself laughing out loud one minute and crying the next!....."

"This book made me cry a little (not very British!), laugh a lot, and it provides the much needed inspiration that we all need to survive life's difficulties and challenges with a positive spirit. Benjamin's writing style reminds me of the way another one of my heroes, Tim Ferriss writes -- a young guy with lots of balls!"

"A true page turner. This book sucked me in and I found myself not able to put it down......"

"This book was a very easy read and a definite page turner. From the start it keeps you begging for more! It is humorous, sad, exciting and bittersweet......"

Benjamin lives in East Northport, NY with his wife and three children. For more information visit or

This is what Benjamin had to say about my book:

What I've enjoyed most about running Heartosaurus is the many emails, new friends, and stories that I've been privileged to hear. Heartosaurus has become a camaraderie of Heart patients, driven to increase awareness, help others, hold the medical community to a higher standard, and to prove that there is always enjoyment to find in life no matter what the circumstances.

"Papa Spyk" is a Heartosaurus. His story like other Heartosauruses is one of overcoming tragedy, and finding a way to keep going even in the darkest moments. There is something inside of a Heartosaurus that keeps pushing on, even when the lights dim on life.

Like me, Papa Spyk has written a book about his journey and like my book "Barefoot in November", his book "A Naughty thing Called Life" is captivating. It's not a depressing old story about the trials and tribulations of someone facing death, and it doesn't read like a medical manual. It's a thrilling story with ups, downs, and living on the edge. If you're a heart patient you'll identify and love the book, but you will enjoy it even if you're not because it is a damn good novel with entertaining content.

Papa Spyk is quite the character, and I urge you to check out his book which will be released publicly soon.

Have a look at Benjamin's book here and please buy it, its a phenominal story: "Barefoot in November" By Benjamin J. Carey

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