Friday, 18 February 2011

Dear friend...

I have, I am proof that good things always come from bad. If I hadn't had my heart attack I would not have found my strength. Because I had my heart attack I have found strength, and made so many wonderful friends that I can now pass that strength onto.

I want to share this letter with you that one of my good friends who is an American Indian, sent me because it is so true. He believes in me, and I believe in all of you x

- - - - - -

Hello Spyk,

I have just read about your life. You have surely led life to the full, but you have also been blessed by Creator. He has kept you alive for you to help others my friend.

Creator sends many strange things through our life; some good like your rugby and early work, some bad like your heart troubles. But these bad things he sends to open our eyes to others problems, to give us insights to help others. You have pulled through your troubled times and now Creator has a purpose for you.

This is why I say that Creator has blessed you. You now have the power to help others, by talking about your taking steroids and what it did to you, and also to help people on the brink of giving up on life. By referring to your time with heart trouble and the pain you went through, but through which, by your own inner strength and help from Creator, you came through and never gave up my friend. You are an inspiration to others.

Write your book my friend, give inspiration to others, keep Creator in your heart and he will always be there for you. I send a prayer for you...

Wakan tanka, hear my prayer tunkasila, i stand humble before you. This one asks not for himself but for Spyk. May you find it in your heart to give him strength in the coming years, keep his mind clear and his spirit free. May the spirits of the four winds guide him and keep him and his family safe. Pilamayaye tunkasila. May the great spirit always walk with you. Mitakuye oyasin ( we are all related ) ++++

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