Friday, 28 January 2011

FRONT COVER : Vote for your favourite

DEADLINE: 14th February 2011, 11.30pm
Your opinions are important to me, and I would love all of your help in choosing the front cover of my book. There is now a voting panel on this blog (left margin), so please take a few seconds to pop in and vote for your favourite picture. 

And thanks as always for sharing this with your friends, you're all amazing x
(Voting is now closed. View the results HERE)


  1. It's a trick question... 3 of course.

  2. A really good pic of you - always been one of favs! It shows the handsome softer side of you rather than the mean sexy side. As Beth said I think the mean look maybe not so good for the first impression of your book? xx Tracy xx

  3. I voted, but my favorite was not an option. I actually liked the question mark :)

  4. I voted for 3 but love 5 too :) xx

  5. Try and stick with this one but if no success in getting it published then 1 or 5.

  6. I think one shows the pain, and works well.

  7. My dear friend, my obvious choice was 5, you are not naughty :), the hand life has dealth you is naughty.. I love 5 because it is masculine, it shows a deeper side visible in your eyes.. It is tender, yet sexy. It will show the true humble you; Maculine, humble, vibrant, passionate, rugged, athletic, gentle and tender, and zest for life as a fighter fighting to survive and beat the odds because of the love for a daughter; despite the medical obvious! I do not feel 3 should be the cover, you are not trying to take your own life but rather working hard to save it!

  8. sticking with 1, 5 as the jacket intro :~}


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