Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cracking Up

Me, after the last operation in August 2010,
and I have to do it all again
A routine appointment with my surgeon today has taken the edge off things. He's told me my entire ribcage has come apart again, which means yet another operation.

Not something I had planned for this year, and just when I thought it was over. It means another year of not being allowed to work, and even more determination to get this book out there!

Can you help? I have finished writing the book now and it is with a professional author getting a 'make-over'. If you are a publisher, or you know of one that would be interested in my story, please get in touch: spykza@hotmail.com. Thank you x


  1. Your help in getting my book out there would be simply amazing and if you could post the link to my story on your facebook page it would be greatly appreciated x

  2. I hope all of you will read his book, it is truly inspirational. IT will help so many people out. Check it out! You will not be sorry. Best read book I have read in a long time.

    I wanted to let you know, I finished your book.
    What a story you have. Very inspirational and I loved reading it. IT was from your heart and soul.

    This book made me think of all the things that I used to do in my pa
    st and it's what made me the person that I am today no regrets, you really can't have any you did things and things happen for a reason,sometimes we do not know what that reason is, but it's always for something.

    This book needs to be read but people that use drugs and take steroids or were former drug users like me and people who drank a lot like I did. It makes you think, it made me think. I hurt so many people while doing these things..... Thank you for opening up your heart.

    You really need to go to schools and colleges around the world and tell your story. You will and have changed peoples lives.

    I am so glad I met you, their is always a reason why we meet certain people in our lives, ♥


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